WordPress – Why the best option for a business website?

What is WordPress :

Wordpress is a Content Management System (CMS) which is the best CMS above all other CMS available in web technology. It powers over 28% websites of all websites present on the web. Isn't it surprising? Yes, it is. It is only because of its powerful, cool and all-in-one functionalities above all.

You can easily make changes anything to the website from the admin area, which is quite easy for the newbies to understand.

But you will find there are 2 websites of WordPress. One is wordpress.org which is there to avail its open source CMS and the other is wordpress.com which completely provides the blog hosting service and a tough competitor of Blogger of Google in blogging platform. So it's important not to confuse between these two.

Wordpress Vs. Conventional Web Design :

Well, the conventional web design is going on and will go on, there is no doubt in it. For many, it may be burdensome to learn all those web technologies available starting from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, dot Net etc.. For them, there is no other way to go through web development other than WordPress.

Then What technology WordPress empowers? Well, WordPress is completely made up of PHP. But it doesn't impel you to learn PHP. Regardless of your PHP knowledge, you can use WordPress. If you are learning then it's a definite plus point for you .

But learning CSS will help you make the website more interactive as WordPress has an option to add custom CSS for making better design on the website. Also, there are many plugins available to add custom CSS and JS.

Starting from root to fruit you may lose patience and may be disappointed by the way of conventional web designing. But through WordPress, you might not be disappointed as it is very easy to understand for anyone and simple to develop and design. And there are plenty of ready-made themes which are pre-designed marvelously with superb UI and UX and you can pick any of them and get started.

On next article, I'll show you how such easy WordPress is.!


User Interface and User Experience is an extensive part of the web development as we know. It matters, it matters and definitely, it matters..! (In short) UI - how a user interacts with the website and UX - the whole mixture of Look + Feel + Usability of a website by the user.

So in conventional web designing, we might fail to meet up the 100% of client's requirement within deadline with keeping in mind the UI and UX. But using WordPress we can definitely meet up the client's requirement with the best UI and UX.

As WordPress provides plenty of plugins for a single functionality, So you ain't gonna fail in any way. With the glimpse touch of custom CSS, you can make your website stunning and give your users a wow feeling that conventional technologies might fail at.

No time :

We have time, but our clients don't have. They need best within a short time. Yes, I'm talking about their given project. Through the conventional web designing method, I don't think we can finish it before the deadline along with meeting all the standards.

But WordPress can make this job done easily! Yes, with some cool features of WordPress, additional theme options & features, the job can be done within no-time-way. Eventually, for the placement and some lucrative design, we need to get into the additional CSS. Then definitely we can meet up their standards before the deadline.

Do I really need to switch to WordPress? :

A big yes from my side. Combining with WooCommerce, It empowers many top leading eCommerce websites too. WooCommerce which leads among all eCommerce platforms available on the web (Stats from Builtwith). You can see the power it has!!

Yes, I agree that through the conventional way of web designing, you can achieve whatever you want, also there are no limitations subject to design and development, but definitely, it's more time-consuming.

Here WordPress might have very few limitations subject to design and development, but for this, you can find too many alternative ways. And it is very less time-consuming that you can achieve it within your client's given deadline.

Those limitations can be overcome through many plugins and custom CSS. So apparently there are no limitations in WordPress for which you can't move ahead. So you need to embrace it, as everyone is in the race of achieving more in less time.

Final Words :

Above all information provided here is from my personal experience and research and true to the best of my knowledge. So I don't imply you that WordPress is the only best fit for your business website. But everything just was the suggestions after my own experience. Still, I love the conventional way of web designing as always we get the uniqueness in design, no limitations in design and developing a purely new and unique website of our own.

Hope, this article valued for you. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome in the comments section below. Thank You!!

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