Get Eurika

Client Name :Get Eurika
Project Name :Lead Management System
Client profile-:

GetEurika is an online marketing consultancy firm that provides services, free consultations, support, concierge and analytical reports to small business to help them emerge as best.

Problem Statement-:

With the changing landscape of website development and organic web traffic, the whole market has shifted online. Our client had a gigantic sales team dealing with bulk data and analytics to provide best benefits to the customers. Due to massive data and absence of a proper lead management system they faced difficulties in keeping tracks of the leads, resulting in conflicts among the sales team and loss of leads generated. We built a lead management system to address and solve these issues.

Our approach-:

  • Keeping the size and reputation of the client in mind a good LMS was critical to the success for their sales pipeline and to develop a business strategy. Lead management is generally considered as the backbone of a successful sales operation hence automated database was used. It carried out lead generation, customer inquiry and capture, filtering and grading distribution and contacting and lead nurturing smoothly.
  • Most leads don’t convert on the first impression, which means they need to be nurtured through a dedicated cycle so tactics like drip campaigns and real time interaction platform that provided necessary info and support and resolve doubt about the products and services were constructed. The system was embedded with a mix of both time based nurture trigger and behavioural nurture triggers.
  • As our client had large sales territories, our LMS allowed them to schedule automated responses including requests made during peak hours and off hours which provided an organized flow of leads to the sales force helping them to optimize the sales staff by distributing leads to appropriate sales person in a timely fashion. This reduced the risk of calling on dead ends and losing leads and conversions getting dropped.
  • To help them easily schedule and track their day-to-day sales activities the whole system was tailored into a mobile app with the usage of HTML5. Internal Lead management business protocols were followed to make it at par with the latest technology.
  • The whole system was made cloud based to facilitate infinite space and resources.
  • Dashboard displaying trends in sales, marketing and support department help them to make better business decisions on the go.
  • We incorporated key performance indicators like conversion ratio, cost per deals and more concrete insights about how to improve their campaigns.


A handy mobile app which gave them a real time insight into sales trends, customer engagement and team performance. The direct access to sales, marketing and support department simultaneously helped them to manage their services better and bring more profit. The whole system helped them understand tactics bringing in best leads helping them to make their sales strategies more efficient and effective, and with the analytics as to how a person was converted from prospect to a lead to a customer.