Digital Zoo

Client Name :Digital Zoo
Project Name :Project E3
Client profile-:

Digital Zoo works with clients in UK providing a monumental range of services for all kinds of digital marketing needs, which includes corporate branding and logo designs, responsive web design and mobile experiences.

Problem Statement-:

Creation of a mobile app which aimed to help the citizens of London to learn the English language, using a variety of quizzes, videos and visual learning materials.

Our approach-:

  • For meeting the challenges of this project, we worked as an augmented team for making the product both aesthetically superior and it's on time delivery.
  • This project aimed to utilize low cost tablet-computers, online forums and free Wi-Fi connections to provide anytime, anywhere English language learning support for the people with scanty knowledge in the English language.
  • A visually stunning and easy to use app was developed having excellent user experience. Latest technology was used to create responsive, user friendly app.
  • To make the learning process smooth and fun different quizzes, video tutorials and innumerous visual learning materials were incorporated in the app.
  • The app was integrated with all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail to demonstrate the potential of public forums and tools to empower the users to support each other in an online curated learning environment.


A user friendly and interactive UI was developed which ensured high user experience. The result was a cutting-edge project that was not simply a mob app, rather an effective tool to meet the local need of a large mass. It is a mob app that helped people grasp basic English lessons on their phone, online and in groups. This project reduced isolation, enhanced digital competency and communication whilst providing English language skill.