A web app is a must for your business

With the recent rapid increase in the number of smartphone users around the globe marking 2.1 billion, creating impactful online presence is the only way your business can rule the market. Today with the growth of internet the whole market has migrated online. May be it for major work like booking an apartment, online shopping or online booking of tickets to even petty things like checking out how the new trendy specs look on you? The whole marketing process takes place online with just a few clicks. In such a scenario the business having their own web app or mob app has really emerged as big players whereas those who thought it was not necessary to have an app lost to their competitors.
A study shows that apps are taking control of 86% of the time that users are spending on their phones. And seeing your brand approx 20 times will get you truly noticed.
It is really necessary to have a dedicated web app for businesses to help them move to the next level. Having a web app is really a good medium to be visible to customers all the times. As in today’s fast world where people don’t have the time to visit physically and choose who is the best product or service provider, for them web app creates a direct link between the business and customers, easing the tasks of both the parties.

Advantages of having a web app

There are multiple technologies available which can be adopted to create web app depending upon the requirements of the app. This flexibility can provide you the option to decide the development media as per your need and budget.
With the rapid increase in the use of smartphones today everyone is connected to the internet but not every mobile device has unlimited storage space. As web apps lives in browsers so users can simply navigate to your URL to use your app and installation is as easy as bookmarking any website, So no tension of uninstalling any other app to make room for a new one.
Update & Security
Updating a web app for a user is a seamless process requiring nothing more than a browser refresh. Updating automatically also keeps it safe and secure without spending any extra effort for security maintenance.
Worldwide Access
Business systems that are created as web app can be accessed anytime anywhere irrespective of the device i.e. laptop, smartphone or tablet and irrespective of OS platforms.
Automation & Efficiency
As the whole app is largely automated it streamlines your business, reducing the operational overheads and making your business more efficient.
Direct channel between you and your customer
In this one click and get your work done environment no one wants to spend any extra minute on information collection, comparing and searching or shopping physically. Through web app your business can be visible and available to the customers all the times.
Web apps act as a direct channel between your business and your customers connecting the duo anywhere, anytime. Due to its online presence, people can connect to you and get their work done instantly without loss of any extra minute or other hassles. Web apps help the right customer to reach the right product. Any discounts or offers or sale information or introductory product details can be directly passed to customers through your web app helping customers to avail maximum benefit provided by your business.
Web push notifications
The web push notifications facilitates easy re-engagement with users by showing timely, relevant and contextual notifications to the users.
Tracking your customers
Web apps have inbuilt user tracking. So you can easily track who your customers are and how many are they. You can also keep track about their other shopping behavior and utilize it while planning your marketing strategy. Like their preferences, their timing, their frequency of visits. You can get a quick understanding of your sales graph and the reason behind its rise or fall.
Creating brand & Loyal customers
Once you create your online presence you surely come to the mainstream competition. And the journey of creating a place for your business and gradually converting it into a brand starts. Your web app will help you retain your loyal customers and improve new lead generation and conversion.
By tracking your customer you can plan special offer or discounts for your special c
ustomer and surprise your old, loyal customers which will take your business a step ahead.
Easy management
A simple and user-friendly web app for your business surely reduces extra operational and maintenance burden for both you and your customers. With web app you can minimize on-site human resource and extra maintenance of goods and shops. Being online your transactional loads and concerns also reduces keeping everything safe and secure along with high customer satisfaction. It also boosts repeat visit and higher sales. Many web apps have built in community support already accessible online which allows quicker resolutions of issues and making the whole process between the business and the customer smooth and easy.
A web app is not just a basic mandate for your business but also a sign of your effort to stay above the competition. Evolving along with the time and technology to reshape your business according to customer’s demands is the only key to be the best player in the market. And a web app is surely a medium to achieve this keeping both the customer and business in a win-win situation.

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